Allen Ellison for U.S. House of Represenatatives

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Age: 35
Where you live: Hardee County
Where you’re from: Hardee County
Education: Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, Florida Southern College, Polk County
Profession: Economic Development Consultant, Center for Economic Policy & Development, Inc.

1) Why are you running?

I am running for political office, because above all else, my gift, which is tied to my purpose in life, is to help people, and I can’t think of a better job to hold than that of a public servant. In public office, I will have the chance to help hundreds of thousands or millions of people with the same level of effort as I do when helping one person at a time. When I’m helping people, I am at my best.

The second reason is that I am a product of this district. I live here, my family and friends live here, and we are all tired of politics as usual. Our leadership is not working for this district. The district is stagnant and we are eager for positive change. Under current congressional leadership, we have fallen behind. Instead of investing in our children, our land, our economy, the disabled and the elderly, leaders are more concern with looking out for themselves instead of the people. I am running because I believe that it is time to take control of our future, the future of our children, grandchildren. I am running because I believe without a doubt that this district, this state and this nation is poised for progress, but we need new leaders with fresh ideas and vision for winning the future for everyone. We cannot win the future with more of the same of what we have had for the last 10 years. That’s just insanity! It’s time to put the power back in the hands of the people of district 17. It’s our turn!

2) What do you hope to accomplish?

If elected, I hope to inspire people to once again, feel that their voices and votes do matter. I want to bring a sense of togetherness and partnership between the office and the people because currently, these things have not existed in quite some time. I am from here and I know what people are thinking and how they feel. The decisions that I would be making would affect my family as well as the families of those whose vote I earned and those who may vote for my opponents. In the district and around the country, citizens are looking for change and they feel that it’s time to ignite new thinking through someone who can and will lead this district and this nation into the 21st century, as well as provide the necessary services to its citizens.

3) What are the big issues you see that need tackling?

To me, all issues are big issues to somebody. It will be my job to be the advocate for the people that are challenged by these issues. As an agent advocating on behalf of others, we must always be willing to speak out and speak truth on issues that go unheard. I plan to go to work on day one and I’m going to keep standing up and fighting for what matters: protecting equal rights for all Americans, protecting and expanding social security benefits for retirees, protecting the benefits and making policy improvements for people with disabilities, improving education standards for our children, preserving and improving worker’s rights, fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, bringing good jobs to the district, working to balance our trade policies with trading partners and forging new relationships with new trading partners in countries in Latin America and making a more transparent and open government. In Washington, that’s what I plan to work for through coalition building. The middle class is the foundation of what make this country strong and viable. It’s the middle class that starts the small businesses that keep our communities employed and productive, but they have been left by the wayside in terms of real policy development that paves the way for a brighter future. It’s time the middle class gets a raise that reflects the glorious country we have built together. Properly working economics needs cooperation with job creators and their producers to ensure a more fair economic system for all, not just a handful.

4) What makes you more qualified than the other candidates in this race?

The things that make me the most qualified candidate in this race is that I am a true representation of what this district is and has to offer, I’m the native son of the 17th District. I have spent over 30 years dealing with some of the issues that go over looked and underserved. I have cultivated positive relationships, helping those who otherwise could not help themselves. I am a man of the people, by the people and for the people.

I have taken the time to go to college and study the inner workings of government and its functions. I have studied the science of what it means to serve the public. Through my studies, I have found what works in government and what does not work. As far back as I can remember, I have been that guy that people turn to when no one else can help them with matters that only a congressman could and time and time again, I have been able to deliver positive results. This alone qualifies me above my opponents.

Within my own party, there is a growing consensus that I am the best choice to lead this district because we are igniting a new thinking process about how we can tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. I am a uniting figure with a sincere heart for helping people. My message transcends party lines and our dedicated dream team is well respected across the state and country. Our campaign is more than a campaign to win an office. Our campaign is an organization that is making a positive difference for people on a wide range of issues daily.

Fundamentally, I believe that there are two types of people in political leadership: your common opportunists and social change agents. Authenticity cuts across party lines. I’m running to get work done and help my neighbors improve their lives and the lives of everyone in the nation. When you’re a true representative of the people and have their interests put before your own, Democrats and Republicans alike see that, respect it, gravitate to it and that’s why we are winning in this race.

I identify with the thousands of hard-working families, the veterans, the disabled, farm workers, students and our aging population. I know very well what keeps them up at night. I understand that this is more than just a Congressional race, there is a movement taking place and people are sick and tired of representatives making a living from doing nothing. I always say that a do nothing Congress is something that we can do without. This district, and frankly the country, is tired of representatives that attempt to legislate xenophobia. People around the district and around the country are tired of representatives that only get bills renaming post offices passed. It’s time to stop sending individuals to Washington who isn’t connected to the needs of the people they are sent there to represent. It’s about knowing that we all have a responsibility to our fellow humans. We are not only winning in this race, but we are winning the future!

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