Things men want women to do to make dating more enjoyable 

When you meet someone for the first time, a lot of apprehensions work in your mind. Women are known to judge men, form ideas and expect them to understand their desires without uttering a word. This often puts off men as they are more forthright and do not want to take part in the mind-reading game. Here is a list of tips from men who want women to do certain things to make dating more fun.

Don’t expect us to know what you are feeling

We can’t read minds. Neither can we read between words. We are honest people and expect people to be honest with us. So, if you have anything in mind, please let it out. Don’t create unnecessary stress in life by keeping things to yourselves.

We want you to enjoy our company

We want you to concentrate on the date and enjoy yourselves. If you like our jokes, laugh at them, if you want us to speak, ask questions. Don’t fret over your lipstick or eyeliner. You are looking gorgeous and when we say it, we mean it.

Offer to pay

Today, men and women enjoy equal rights in the society. Most women are self-reliant. Being a confident woman, we would appreciate if you offer to pay for a date or split the bill. We don’t mind paying up, but it feels nice when you want to share. It also shows that you don’t want to be dined only.

Don’t compare us to your ex

This is a major turn-off for most men. We don’t want to be compared to the men who dumped you or cheated on you. When you are dating us, leave that baggage behind. Let’s start afresh. Things would be great, believe us.

Don’t pre-judge us

Maybe you know us from before or have chatted online but that does not mean that you would pre-judge us. When going out with us, come with a clean mind. Try to know us and not compare to what your friends told you.

Be experimental

We love to experiment. Don’t always expect to be taken to fine restaurants. We may take you to a local coffee shop where we can sit for hours and talk. We may ask you to go fishing or hiking sometime. We want to enjoy our life and make you a part of it. Have faith on us, we would make sure that you enjoy too.

So, we have been honest and shared what we want from you. We hope you would take these in the right spirit.

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