Narine Arakelian, the darling of The Venice Art Biennial has her first showing in Miami.

After Narine Arakelian’s headliner debut at the 58th Venice Biennale, she quickly became one of 2019’s top female artists to follow. 

Following her success in Venice, Arakelian conquered the biggest art show of the year, Art Basel in Miami.

Miami becomes the US Capital of Art every December and attracts the best and brightest of the Art world. Last year, over fifty thousand people travelled to Miami for Art Basel. It is a place for elites in every creative outlet to come together and share their art.

“During Art Basel Miami turns into a world capital of art where you can meet various amazing people. It’s a source of positive energy and inspiration” Arakelian said.
Her success in Miami is only the beginning. She is an artist to watch and admire. Her work is impressive, meaningful, and ever evolving. With more shows coming upend more demand for her work, we can only wait to see what is to come.

Born in Siberia, Narine graduated from the Art Department of the State Surikov Institute in Moscow in 2015, developing her extraordinary talent to become one of the biggest female Armenian artists of her generation.

Arakelian’s claim to fame and most sought after work is that of her critically-acclaimed pieces from her solo show “The Pharos Flower” (Venice, Italy, 2019) at the Scope Art Fair Show. Her LOVE painting – is an impressive artwork of handcrafted bold letters with golden silk throughout the word. Its sister piece HOPE, was included in a series of artistic portraits taken of Arakelian at the famous Versace Villa. Along with her LOVE and HOPE pieces, she also displayed her digital work ‘Rebirth Subconscious’ 2019.

The piece [Rebirth Subconscious] s looked at as an immersion into one’s subconsciousness, a way of transcending one’s spirituality through the interaction with art. The video shows an unwinding of draperies around the artist, video frames of light, replaced by statues of rebirth with the artist’s body used as an art object. In a meditative-like state, she experiments with light and explores movement of plastic solutions from the Renaissance to modern art. This work was successful as well, making her name, and her talent, more recognized.

Narine Arakelian will be exhibiting a more extended show during the upcoming Frieze exhibitions later this year in Los Angeles and New York. Fans of her work can follow her Instagram: @narinearakelianofficial or visit

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