Commercial Realtor Develops Informational Sites for Miami CRE Investors


James Hawkins, a Miami area commercial Realtor with Keyes Commercial, has developed sites to help investors in commercial real estate access news and other information useful to them. His HawkinsCRE site consists of news, trends, and observations related to Miami area commerical real estate, aggregating top related news most days, and regularly publishing unique content, educational, historical, and observational. Additionally, within his James Hawkins at Keyes Commercial site, he has gone well beyond the default “here to serve your commercial real estate needs” page to instead provide over 100 pages of Miami commercial property related charts, demographics, listings, and more. Finally, referencing himself (James Hawkins Keyes Commercial), he published the Miami 21 Zoning Code for Kindle.

All of these resources are available via James Hawkins’ site at Keyes Commercial, or by searching with keyword combinations “James Hawkins Keyes Commercial,” “HawkinsCRE Miami Commercial News,” “Miami 21 Kindle,” or the like.

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