Best Miami Tree Trimming Techniques and Tips for Results 


Just like humans groom themselves, trees too need to be trimmed. Apart from beautifying the Miami landscape as initially intended when planting the tree, there are several reasons why trees should be trimmed.

  • Trim to avoid property damage and accidents
  • Trim for beautification
  • To control disease
  • Trim to maintain the trees relevance in a landscape

Having known why you should trim a tree within your local Miami city, you have no reason to let that tree in your landscape or backyards develop branches that will leave it deformed. Before you trim a tree there are two things you need to know. Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to hire a Miami tree trimming professional? If you are going to do it yourself make sure you have tools for good pruning results. You can never go wrong with a hand saw, pruning shears, pole saws and a small chain saw. These guys cover the Miami dade county area:

Things to consider prior to trimming

  • For wounds to heal fast, trim the tree when winter is almost over just as spring growth is almost starting. The wounds are exposed for just a short time as the new growth starts the process of sealing the wound. Certain diseases are also avoided during this time and the tree will be under less stress too.
  • Trim the branches properly so that new branches can grow. Cut above the branch collar and branch bark ridge.
  • Make sure you trim co-dominant leaders. These are usually two branches growing straight up and dominating equally, you must cut one to let the other dominate. This prevents heavy winds from tearing the branches.
  • Trim the weak branches and leave the strong ones.

General tree trimming tips 

  • During the late fall to late winter is the best time to trim branches. There is no serious risk involved as disease pathogens are not active.
  • The dormant season is the best time recommended to trim a tree. It is fine to trim a tree at any given time but it is highly recommended to do so during its dormant stage.  The only exception is when a hazard exists.
  • There is no problem removing branches that are less than five centimeters in diameter. But if the diameter is between five and ten centimeter you should not cut it at all. You have a very good reason when cutting a branch that is more than ten centimeters in diameter.
  • Retain strong branches that have u-shaped angles and only cut the weak ones.
  • Branches with weak v-shaped and narrow angles should be trimmed.
  • In Miami, the ratio of living crown to tree height should be two thirds when pruning is complete.
  • It is advisable to trim branches when they are young. It is easier to manage them at that age and there is much lower risk of leaving scars.

Tree Trimming Techniques

Below are some tree trimming techniques:

  • Large branches are removed by making three cuts so that the branch collar doesn’t get torn. The first cut should be made on the underside; 18 inches from the trunk, make the cut half way. The second one, inch the branch further out. Trim the third one just beyond the collar branch.
  • Always use the three cut technique for stems that are too long.
  • For branches that are dead and healthy ones, you can use the three cut technique too.

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