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Thingam is the latest social media networking site/app that is said to target the new generation. Just like all the other social media sites, Thingam allows the user to post updates, get others to follow their posts and lots more. It has the best of the features of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Hashtags can be used for creating trends like in twitter, one can post photos, videos or any updates, comment, follow create a network just like in Facebook and can access the videos and photos of others like in instagram. But in Thingam, access to these photos and videos can be done only if they are made public.

The social media site comes with additional features. One of the best features is that, the person can sign up for Thingam using his Facebook and twitter account. The information provided during sign up is kept strictly confidential and no part of the information is sold for any kind of marketing. Thingam asks for only the person’s name, birth date and the gender. Since you can access this site using Facebook and twitter accounts, one can get all the activities like the newsfeeds, photos, videos, tweets, or any events from their Facebook wall or from twitter to get posted on Thingam. With this feature, called the Social Stream, the user can set privacy to all the activities.

There is no need to send out any friend requests. A person can simply follow another person. Navigation through the site is easy since each page section has its own block due to the clean design similar to a Windows 8 UI platform. There are identity section separations on each of the pages.

A person can view any photo or video uploaded by another person on Thingam, once it has been made public. There is easy access once the privacy has been made public and there is no need to scroll through several weeks’ updates in order to find the update you want to see and there is no need to go to the other person’s account to look for it like in Facebook. In Thingam, the photos and videos can be searched using the categories, description, the rating or the popularity for the update. The videos can be uploaded using any convenient link to stream videos from websites like YouTube or Dailymotion. Photos also can be uploaded under any category like business, hanging out and many more based on the type of the picture.

There is easy access to news to keep the members updated about the things happening around the world. News articles provided can be viewed from sites like Google, Times, CNN and many more. Advertising in Thingam is also easy. According to the location, age group or the gender for viewing the ads, the advertisements can be created just like in Facebook in order to promote anything the person wants.

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