Iconic Wedding Locations in Miami

Miami is a popular city for both local and destination weddings. There are many iconic locations where weddings are often held. Each has a reputation for helping couples celebrate their wedding day in style.

Saint George Cathedral Hall is just one of the many examples of Miami’s most iconic wedding locations. It is found at the Antiochin Orthodox Cathedral. The architecture of the cathedral is Byzantine and the hall itself boasts beautiful marble floors. For outdoor wedding receptions the venue has a patio couples can use.

Coral Gardens in Homestead, Miami provides a beautiful backdrop for elegant weddings. The gardens are spread out over five acres of the Miami Redlands and boasts coral sculptures and three waterfalls that cascade into several lagoons and ponds. The ultimate tropical wedding is something that this iconic wedding location lends itself nicely to. The venue’s Douglas Entrance features fountains (which are beautifully lit after dark) and a bell tower.

The Spanish Monastery in North Miami is close to 1000 years old and has hosted many weddings. The stones used to build the monastery were brought in from Spain and have contributed to its beauty.

Briza on the Bay is also an iconic Miami wedding location. It is found on the Biscayne Bay and boasts a beautiful view of Downtown Miami’s skyline. Couples who have their wedding here can use the on- site caterers for their wedding reception. The venue also provides a stage; sound equipment and the best lighting money can buy. The full kitchen and bar ensure that a couple’s guests will never leave the wedding hungry or thirsty. Couples can make a grand entrance by coming on a regular boat or a heli-boat. The venue only hosts one wedding at a time, so couples can be sure that they and their guests will have the venue to themselves for the big day.

The Chart House Miami is an iconic location for smaller wedding receptions. This upscale restaurant regularly hosts them. For amazing scenic views The Chart House Miami has been named one of the best venues. When it comes to providing the food for wedding receptions, couples have the confidence of knowing that their meals will be prepared by the restaurant’s executive chef. In addition to a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes, the restaurant also offers an award winning wine list and gourmet desserts as well as a fully stocked fresh and healthy salad bar. After your meal, you can also take your inexpensive wedding sparklers down to the shore line for some nighttime fun with your guests.

Sofetil Miami is an upscale hotel known for hosting weddings. For larger weddings, the festivities are held in the hotel’s Monte Carlo Ballroom (decorated in the style of art deco) and for smaller weddings, couples can use the Paris Ballroom, which can accommodate as many as 120 guests. The Paris Ballroom also boasts the entrance to an outdoor pool deck where cocktail hours can be held.

These are some of the most iconic wedding locations in Miami. Countless couples have said their “I do’s” in these well- known and popular venues.

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