Going away from Miami this Summer?? Save up to $5000 during your trip.

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Have you planned your summer break already? Somewhere far from home, where you can relax and enjoy your new place in a pleasant unknown atmosphere. But did you know, you can also save money, while you are having fun away? You can do that by opting for a sublease so that you don’t have to pay your own rent or mortgage fees. And the best way to go with this plan is to take on Lodging’s Sublet Program, undoubtedly unique in Miami. Below are some of the most remarkable features of this hot deal.

Cost $0.00

It sounds insane, right? A real estate agency in Miami that doesn’t charge commission – that is simply out of this world. But Lodging’s Sublet Program actually makes it possible. It costs landlords and home owners nothing to sublet their property with the agency, because Lodging’s main stream of income comes from the lodgers. You can just sit back and sip peacefully from your tropical afternoon cocktail.

Your Home is Taken Care of

Imagine if you went away for a nice summer break, you had the time of your life and come back energized more than ever, only to find out that there was a fire or your house was burgled. That would have been a disaster and happens all the time, even in Miami. However, a smart decision before you took off for your fantastic holiday would be to take advantage from Lodging’s Sublet Program. Your property will be protected 24/7 and kept in the best condition. The agency has invested thousands in damage protection so you have nothing to worry about.

Less costs for stay, more money for play

If you are renting privately or currently making mortgage payments every month you are very much aware that even if you are going for a break, you will still have to cover those costs. What is more, you will still have to pay your utility bills, landline, TV and Internet. And this can be so annoying, because you won’t be using those facilities, yet your money is set to go. Or maybe not! Lodging’s Sublet Program offers a perfect solution to this problem. If you sign a contract for sublease, the people who will be living in your home, while you are away, will have to take care of all this. That means you would save money you can spend on entertainment of any sort you like.

Only the Best Tenants Allowed

Many people are reluctant to consider sublease as an option because they are afraid that their home might be damaged by the temporary tenants or some of their precious personal belongings might go missing. Lodging has extremely high standards of renting out properties to any individuals. You can rest assured that the agents will find the best match of tenants for your home that will treat the property with the due respect and care. What is more, if you have personal belongings, which you do not wish to expose to unknown people, you can store them safely in Lodging’s climate facility completely free.

If that doesn’t sound like a good deal, what does? If you already can’t wait to start packing for your summer break, don’t forget to call Lodging and ask about their Sublet Program. You lose nothing, but you could gain a lot!


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